Orlando Hostel

Welcome to The Palm Lakefront Resort & Hostel in Greater Orlando


Private Rooms


Rooms include single standards for those wanting a little private space of their own; private doubles for either single or double occupancy. AC to make those hot Florida temperatures comfortable. Flat screen TVs with standard cable. Private bathroom.

Dorm Rooms


Shared 6-bed dormitories, either coed or gender specific for those wanting to spend less holiday money and meet more people. Hot showers, cold AC and clean rooms. Shared bathroom.



For those who enjoy the amenities and cost effectiveness of being at a hostel but prefer to sleep outside in the great outdoors, then Orlando Hostel's tenting is the best option. Travelers will have access to all of Orlando Hostel's community areas, be able to sleep inexpensively in our property's expansive backyard, and wake up to the beautiful view of Lake Cecile.